The new device system elneos® six

Touchless control via speech and 3D gestures – this is offered by the new and tactile laboratory device system "elneos six" from erfi. It is designed for 19-inch bench tops and 19-inch cockpits as well as for a standalone housing. Furthermore, "elneos six compact" can be integrated into the Expand 2 extension profile of the "elneos connect" furniture system to save space.

With its outstanding innovations, the new elneos six electronic device system once again defines the benchmark for the entire industry. As the successor model to the elneos five device series, all modules of elneos six have been redeveloped and again significantly improved in many details. In addition, new device groups such as DC high-current power supplies and AC sources expand the device system to a considerable extent. This bandwidth enables the new device series to be used for the first time in new industries such as battery research and electromobility.

elneos six innovations

The elneos six system sets new standards in the world of electronic devices. With over 100 innovative features, the new system is unbeatable in the areas of agile operating concept, comprehensive integration capability and technical performance. Here are just a few aspects:

  • 8-inch multi-touch display with fully tempered security cover glass
  • Four splitscreens for variable device display
  • 3D gestures through Airwheel and tactile feedback
  • life measurement display via connection panel
  • Control center to accommodate 4-fold power supply
  • Voice control with built-in intelligence
  • Agile ring socket illumination for increased safety
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elneos® six variable socket illumination

Especially with AC voltage, safety is very important. The provision of voltage and currents for AC sources via the front panel is signaled by an active light state. The socket illumination is assigned a function designation and has a disappearing effect when inactive. The illuminated symbols with flashing function can be used to actively indicate functions such as rectifier, floating and power outputs.

elneos® six speech control

Control elneos six via a network-independent voice control. Several built-in microphones process your spoken words and convert them into device functions in a flash using specially developed speech algorithms. For example, measured values ban be read out and malfunctions are prevented. By means of an integrated speaker, elneos six informs about measured values and device states using a pleasant voice.

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elneos® six ring bushing illumination

The completely newly developed ring socket illumination of elneos six with disappearing effect visualizes safety-relevant power outputs for all device groups including the new device groups high-current power supplies and AC sources for the first time. Different and safety-relevant device functions are color-indexed and thus guide the user safely during all connection work.

elneos® six multi user mode

elneos six allows simultaneous operation by multiple users. Additional operating elements such as a second capacitive wheel or mechanical rotary encoders allow multiple people to operate multiple devices simultaneously.

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elneos® six tactile wheel

With the touch-sensitive wheel, the user receive immediate feedback from elneos six. The optional "Tactile Wheel and Display" provides tactile feedback through vibration or a simulation of a grid on the control element after a touch or during a detected movement.

elneos® six Airwheel

The new Airwheel controls most functions and the device selection completely contactless by 3D gestures. With up to 7 cm distance in front of the surface, the device detects the movement.

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elneos® six split screens

Arrange the screen the way you prefer to work – regardless of whether the user wants to observe and operate one device or four devices at the same time. The 8-inch display makes the screen modes Full-, Half-, 2/3- or Quattro-Screen pleasant to read. In addition, the user can operate all devices and all parameters immediately and simultaneously via Quickstart, even without device selection.

elneos® six encoder

The encoder connected via the internal bus is operated manually. The operating module, placed separately in an additional slave, can be installed as a single or double version.

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