erfi laboratory systems

erfi laboratory systems provide a highly efficient solution for all laboratory tasks. All furniture and equipment systems are developed and produced in-house to the highest quality standards and therefore offer optimal solutions for every application.

Our range includes all aspects of laboratory equipment, we offer our customers all the necessary laboratory furniture from a single source.

At erfi you will find laboratory tables, furniture systems as well as the entire range of electronic and electrotechnical system components for your laboratory. From measuring and testing devices, test and test systems via remote-controlled regulating power supplies and energy cockpits to software control programs that support, among other things, test runs, control laboratory equipment and display work steps at assembly tables.

The lighting technology integrated in our laboratory systems sets new standards in terms of function, glare-free, comfort and design. The light climate contributes significantly to the well-being in the workplace. With the completely newly developed system luminaire, we have succeeded in realizing an absolutely glare-free light for each of your laboratory tables.

In addition to the laboratory workstation, we offer you cupboard systems that impress with their outstanding workmanship and aesthetics and are unsurpassed in terms of versatility and functionality. Even highly functional laboratory venture are part of our product range.

With laboratory equipment from erfi, you choose world-leading products that leave nothing to be desired.

erfi elneos connect laboratory system

The new lab and workstation system elneos connect is characterized by comprehensive innovations and certified safety. The profile system, the constructive frame and the workplace lighting are just a few of the newly developed elements that together form an unbeatable laboratory system.

The sophisticated profile system enables, among other things, the recording and uninterrupted guidance of cable work, the adjustment of the working height via a stable hydraulic height adjustment and the connection to a table-transferring bridge. This leads to an enormous flexibility, which allows the user to optimize the laboratory equipment perfectly for each new task.

All this is possible thanks to the so-called connector: it connects the frame construction with the laboratory table, freeing the profiles from the carrying function and thus enabling a homogeneous media guidance. The workplace lighting, which can be adjusted in terms of brightness, light color and inclination, is a highlight thanks to RGB LED technology and sensory color coding. In addition, the laboratory workstation can be equipped with an indication light on the front, which indicates the condition of the table.

The container has a handle-less design. The touch-to-open technology automatically opens the drawer when the drawer front is touched. A special running gear with large rollers ensures maximum stability, and roller containers can be converted into hanging containers at any time, and of course vice versa.

erfi varantec laboratory system

With the workplace system varantec, development departments, production facilities, workshops, wet laboratories, data centers, call centers and the entire administration can be equipped with one and the same system. This has the advantage that at any time jobs from different parts of the company can be exchanged in a neutral and cost-effective manner. This is made possible by our variable connection technology.

The slide-in technology, for example, makes it possible to use modular grids to assemble numerous equipment variants of cockpit modules in order to customize each workstation in the laboratory.

This enormous variety of shapes and the high-quality material enable the nearly unlimited possibilities of using the furniture and laboratory system varantec. 19 different worktops, containers in various designs, storage boards, laboratory and hollow cabinets as well as several other functional elements are available in the standard program.


erfi ABZ laboratory system

Our ABZ Laboratory has also been continuously developed and improved. Innovative lighting technology, modules such as protection units, sockets, small power supplies, soldering stations, compressed air supplies, various measuring devices and many other items can be ideally integrated into our systems. Thanks to the light grid, the light beams are distributed evenly, thus ensuring a completely glare-free work surface. Thanks to our sensor technology, the light source can be regulated and controlled without contact.

Furthermore, our ABZ laboratory system now also includes the electronic locking system, which has already proven its functionality in our Varantec system. Using infrared or radio transmitters, all cabinets and drawers can be opened and closed electronically.

At the tables you can decide between different mechanisms (clamp connections, electrohydraulics or hand cranks) with which the height can be adjusted. The hydraulic cylinders in the table legs ensure a long service life and guarantee enormous stability even in the event of shocks.

From a table to the finished electronics laboratory

erfi offers you complete equipment for your laboratories and all other areas of your company - from laboratory furniture to laboratory trolleys to laboratory cabinets. The more than 11,000 m² exhibition area in Freudenstadt is available to visit by appointment, so you can get an impression for yourself. Here our products can be extensively tested on site.

Once you have chosen erfi's laboratory system, our experts will guide you throughout the process. You will discuss the requirements with you and create a 3D version for visual support in advance. Subsequently, the assembly is carried out by our in-house staff, which ensures the error-free introduction of the system. The training is then done on-site by our experts in your new lab, so that your staff can be made directly acquainted with the new workstations.

Our experts are always available by e-mail at and by phone at +49 7441-9144-0! erfi's laboratory systems - the right decision.

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