Standalone devices

The innovative device series elneos five, basic and highlab can be operated ideally with the newly developed housing as a desktop device. For this purpose, a new stand-alone program was developed with ergonomic function handles, integrated ventilation, intelligent limit monitoring and flexibility in sizes.

The special feature of the standalone concept

- Sturdy extruded aluminum profile
- Perforated ventilation system
- Front and back indication light
- Different depths
- Ergonomic functional handles on both sides

Casing made of aluminum

In order to design the various device series from erfi mobil, an independent new standalone housing program was developed, which meets the high demands of the series. The case is made of anodized extruded aluminum profiles and the built-in devices are well protected against dust and mechanical stress. By incorporating a professional 19" recording technology, 19" / 3 U partial racks can be optimally integrated.

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Special features of the side elements

Side functional handles
The lateral plastic injection molded parts are provided with an incorporated recess, which allow a good handling. The functional elements are available in elneos green and in gray.

Generous ventilation system
Thanks to a modern surface perforation in the graphite black side parts, the supply of fresh air is guaranteed at all times and 100% contact protection is also guaranteed. When juxtaposing several housings, table structures or cockpits, special recesses guarantee the supply of fresh air from above and below.

Indication light for limit value monitoring

All standalone enclosure models can optionally accommodate an LED RGB indication light band. The indication light is particularly important in connection with the device series elneos® five.

The elneos® five series has a built-in limiter for power supplies, power arbitrary generators, digital multimeters, and power meters coupled directly to 8 digital outputs. These signals control the indication light. The indication light thus ensures the highest level of safety at the workplace and considerably increases occupational safety.

Highly flexible casing concept

The casing concept enables the integration of different device models through 2 different depths and arbitrary widths. Furthermore, due to the flexible profile technology, the casing can be used directly as a device carrier for the laboratory world. The housings are mounted over the entire bench width either directly on the table surface or in the third level as a self-supporting device cockpit.

Construction depth 1: 185 mm
Construction depth 2: 360 mm
Lengths: up to max. 6 m in lengt

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