From a single mold - The zero joint!

A seamless connection creates the permanent and functional zero joint. The fusion of edge and plate increases both the heat resistance and the moisture resistance of the finished components. The special hardness of the functional layer prevents rubbing out of the joint in daily use. Dirty joints and grooves are a thing of the past and due to the homogeneous bonding of the materials, the surface is absolutely liquid-resistant.

Best quality for the highest demands

Freeforms are also manufactured by erfi with the new laser edge technology. The functional layer is color-matched exactly to the decorative layer, resulting in a perfect look as if made of one piece, which gives the impression of a solid material.

By investing in a new generation of edge technology, erfi is the only supplier of this so-called zero joint on the market.

The tech edge

The new exposed load-bearing tech edge alu-line is equipped with two T-slots and a gutter function. Vices and other components can be secured against rotation. The front-integrated corrugations protect the clothing from contamination and a highly stable plastic coating protects the body.

Best ergonomic performance
The newly developed caps have a rounding with a radius of 20 mm. All table corners are rounded off and are pleasant to the touch. The narrow 20 mm radius is ideal for rows of tables and guarantee a longer lifespan for your furniture.

T-grooves and gutter function
The T-slots integrated on the underside are used to connect system components such as trays or material spills. The edge is also designed so that a vise can be tethered without damaging the table top. The edge profile has a slight depression on the top, so that small items such as screws, tools or writing utensils can not fall off.

ESD version
The plastic coating of the tech edge is also equipped with the ESD version of the conductive laboratory benches. An additional tool that guarantees perfect flow during the manufacturing process.

ergo-line Worktop

In the ergo-line worktop, special emphasis was placed on ergonomics. The front left and right corners of the work surface have been rounded off and correspond to the radius of the connector.

The curve is a line!
The ergonomic curves prevent bumping and the risk of injury is completely eliminated. This is of particular importance in training facilities and industrial laboratories. At the same time, the table top is particularly protected against impact by the narrow radius at this point. The edge band is machine-mounted in one piece at this worktop and not interrupted! It is a thick edge with high impact resistance. This special radius could be realized thanks to specially equipped CNC milling centers with adapted edging units.

Rows of tables and individual tables
The narrow radius of 20 mm is ideal not only for single tables but also for rows of tables. The tabletop is unassailable and ensures a long service life and enjoyment of your laboratory equipment.

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