Didacta Education Fair 2016 - erfi your partner for Industry 4.0

erfi presents laboratory benches with automation unit and comprehensive intelligence. erfi, market founder and technology leader in the field of modern electronic laboratory and workstation systems, presents comprehensive training systems for all electrical occupational fields at didacta, the education fair in Cologne.

Smart Manufacturing – your partner for Industry 4.0

Digitization and the networking of industrial production processes also requires new strategies in training and education facilites. The erfi fair offer for didacta represents a complete package for Industry 4.0 and provides the imparting of essential learning content. The networking of the individual laboratory tables also makes the training laboratory Industry 4.0. The visualization on different media also allows the presentation of work instructions for different users. Secure data and quality management thus becomes an optimal learning environment.

The fair offer includes the following packages:
1. Laboratory table with cockpitm equipment, erfi-bridge, lighting, swivel arm and roll container
2. Experimental setup with automation station
3. Complete software package
4. Documentation for teachers and students
The compact test Industry 4.0 has the following lerning content:
1. Wiring of the individual modules
2. Commissioning of the actuators
3. Status query of the sensors
4. Actuator control via U / I ramps
5. Using laboratory and measuring equipment
6. Networking of hardware and software
7. Versatile LabVIEW concepts

Another highlight is the new standalone concept by erfi

New developed aluminum housings are used to hold all 3 HE units of the elneo's five, highlab and basic series and can be operated as a desktop unit, as a cockpit or as a table top. They are a sensible alternative to the previous structures and cockpits made of laminate material. The new functional elements also include a ventilation system, which ensures sufficient air flow when set up adjacent to one another!