Precision landing for the spaceship erfi

On June 30, 2017 erfi celebrated the topping-out ceremony of their new building in Freudenstadt-Wittlensweiler. The Schwarzwälder Bote wrote: "The sun was shining, and as the big crown that was hooked on the crane got lifted up to the roof of the steel structure, applause of the numerous guests flocked up. Owner Andreas Fischer appeared solved: One and a half years ago, after the fire disaster of January 8, 2016, it still "looked different." The fire, which had caused damage of eleven million euros, had been an existential threat to the company.

The accident has "welded many of us in the company together". Fischer: "Now we can say that we did everything right and ... consciously live and work in Industry 4.0 like no other company." He was proud of today's "milestone". The new customer center, known as the "spaceship" because of its seemingly floating construction, will be expanded on the ground floor with a new production and storage hall. The industrial building covers 2200 square meters, Erfi invested 4.5 million euros. ...

District Administrator Mr. Rückert praised Erfi as a "top modern company". Here "something very special", the new building is "great". The company embodies the motto of the district "Hightech and Fir fragrant" like no other. According to OB Julian Osswald, Erfi took "an incredible development", both technologically and structurally.

The look of the new building is unparalleled. "Actually, the spaceship would have to move, that would be the coronation," said Osswald. ... According to Erfi, the new building should be ready in the third quarter. Virtually every meter was used on the property. "

The speech of the managing director, Andreas Fischer:

Dear guests,

I greet you all very warmly to our topping-out ceremony and I am happy today, like a little child, that we have managed to celebrate this with you all. After all, it looked different 1½ years ago after the devastating corporate fire!

The fire disaster of January 08, 2016 destroyed our complete machine room. The associated burdens to rescue the company were enormous for many employees and the management. The damage of 11 million euros was existential. But the disaster has also welded many of us closer together. Now and here we can say that we have done everything right and live the topic of Industry 4.0 consciously with the newly established production like no other company.

As the owner of the company, I am proud that we have reached the milestone for the topping-out ceremony after this difficult phase. I am encouraged with all of you by my side that the decision to implement the building application submitted in December 2015 was the right one. ...

With this new building, we are realizing a new production and logistics hall on the ground floor as well as a unique customer center on the first floor, which will live up to our new products. ... This new investment has to do with the expansion of our production in the equipment sector. The new erfi products require more production space, and so the former showroom is being converted into an electronics production facility.

Investing in a new customer center was therefore the result of the new product policy of our company. At that time we could not yet know that we were going to build this hall right here.

I would like to especially welcome my parents. We are very grateful that after a difficult start to the year in terms of health, it is possible to celebrate this festival with you. My father encouraged me to stick to the decision to build a new one after the fire. As the founder of the company we will honor him, in a way that will always connect him to this new building visibly. This will take place during the inauguration ceremony. Of course, I also welcome my parents-in-law. I am very glad that you are very interested in the development of the new building.

But now I especially welcome our artisans, whom we honor with this festival. On behalf of the entire Fischer family and the company, we would like to thank you all for your excellent work so far.

The shell construction company Theurer maintains an exemplary construction site here and masters this difficult task with the necessary professionalism and calm. The steel construction company Bühler is responsible for the many steel girders that we see here, which are even filled with concrete to guarantee a refractory hall. All other craftsmen receive our extraordinary thanks in equal measure.

We warmly welcome Mr. Landrat Rückert and Lord Mayor Osswald and thank you for the good cooperation throughout this project. I would also like to welcome the Sparkasse with Mr. Schmid as a partner of the company.

I welcome our workforce, without whom such an investment would not be possible. Today is supposed to be a symbol of our efficiency. The new building will bring us organizational advantages.

As is usual with our architect Mr. Schmelzle, the application for constructions that had already been submitted usually get extended again in the course of a few very creative meetings, and before you know it, a hall is added or two. This happened in 2008 and in 2009 and now architect Schmelzle has done it again! He's slowly becoming a repeat offender!

Actually, during the first step, this hall, in which we are sitting right now, was not planned at all and the formerly planned and very elaborately created parking lot from the year 2009 should be here. "Only" the upper floor, so our new customer center should be built and float above the parking lot! Hence the name spaceship!

As a result of the fire event (January 2016), we have planned a completely new production planning in accordance with Industry 4.0 and required the logistics warehouse 1 for fully automated production. ... In a nutshell, Mr Schmelzle suggested that you simply need a "piece of roof" and a "wall around the corner" to build another hall below the exhibition space. That would not cost much!

And there we would have it: a new hall for the goods receipt and other functions! So we decided to follow his advice! Where else would we have celebrated our topping-out today? This was a very far-sighted plan by Mr. Schmelzle! ...

Without creativity and inventiveness something like this can not arise. So I particularly welcome our team of architects with Mr. Schmelzle, Mr. Gardener, Mr. Hänßler and the ladies Mrs. Stark and Mrs. Ostmeier, who are responsible for the interior design. This team has mastered the previous tasks very well and professionally with their experience.

The accompaniment and the personal commitment during the very extensive repair work as a result of the fire damage were unparalleled and deserve our highest respect. The connection with the architecture firm Schmelzle has become an important strategic anchor due to the special events.

In connection with the professional care during the fire disaster, I would like to thank and welcome our expert Dr. Nothaft. ... without the right decision at the right moment, we would not all be sitting here and we might not have realized the new building so quickly. Thanks again.

Let's get to the statics of the new building! In this new construction project, the structural engineers and test statisticians were allowed to use their full repertoire! I mean it exactly as I said it! For the obviously correct dimensioning of all previous components, we would like to thank Mr. Münzner from the structural engineering office Boll und Partner from Stuttgart as well as the static tester Mr. Genthner.

Finally, the proof is standing! The rocket was detonated! The body stands and keeps what it promises!

Without measuring, you can not develop products. That also applies to building building. We thank the company Nothacker for the correct measuring. So far, the building has fit on the plot by a whisker!

The planning Ing. Büro Liepelt is responsible for the heating-ventilation-sanitary. We thank Mr. Liepelt for the very good care during the “not always so easy” stages of construction. Again, our thanks for the support during the extensive renovation work after the fire.

We would also like to express our thanks to the electroplanner Schmid for the electrical planning. A complex task was to connect a completely new machine park to an inventory distribution! Sudden expansions in the area of transformer stations, substation and the respective requirements have required some preliminary work.

With the new building, of course, a lot of work still needs to be done on the electrical side of things and the company Eisele, who also fought down the fire damage exemplary, will be working on that task! The new alarm system and in particular the new smoke alarm system with fire service connection is (after the past incident) certainly a reassurance for us all.

A company like erfi needs good legal advice on many issues. I welcome the law office Krauss Law with Dr. Ing. Krauss and Dr. Ing. Wertheimer, who have often provided us with the right answers to keep our position in the market, despite innovative product development. These are defended every day.

I warmly welcome our neighbors from the direct vicinity. Sometimes you know each other for decades and sometimes you only know each other fleetingly. We thought that this would be a fitting occasion to get to know each other a little better on this day and we look forward to a good future together. Some of you, especially family Finkbeiner had to endure a lot of construction noise and now no longer have the good view to the south. But I offer Gerhard that he and his family may come to enjoy the spaceship for a cup of coffee anytime to enjoy the view to the south, east and west!

... I wish you all a nice evening, a good appetite and a nice togetherness. May we continue to have good luck and blessings on the construction site. We wish all craftsmen a continued success and, above all, accident-free work.

Many Thanks!
Your Andreas Fischer.