Test equipment CANclass – fully automatic and programmable test equipment

CANclass is a leading erfi brand for electrical safety and functional testing. CANclass stands for fully automatic test object interconnection, automatic testing without manual relocation and automated logging options. Likewise, the test equipment will be integrated into the erfi large-scale testing systems. >>> Catalog CANclass Compact Tester

The testing machines can contain both high-voltage testers and insulation testers as well as protective conductor testers and leakage current testers. Three test combinations are possible:

Test combination 1: high voltage and insulation test
Test combination 2: High voltage, insulation and protective conductor test
Test combination 3: High voltage, insulation, protective conductor and leakage current test

In addition to the protective conductor, insulation, high voltage and leakage current test, functional tests including relay matrices can also be controlled with these testers. The associated testing software CANDY enables the rational processing of all tests. Measured values are automatically stored in a professional statistics package. Likewise, all tests can be programmed and executed directly over the intelligent control center without a PC.

Here are some examples:
- Mobile testing system for refrigerators
- S7-PLC models of the development departments Amberg and Karlsruhe


- High voltage test gun
- Foot-switch
- Probes
- Insulation test bars
- Protective conductor test bars
- Protective conductor test terminals and much more

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