The connector

As a central component between the table leg and frame, the connector connects the L-profile. Thanks to the connector, new profiles and thus media of all kinds can be run between table frame and table leg. At the same time, the connector lets the tabletop float and gives the system a very high degree of stability. The table legs can be moved freely in their depth and height adjustment is also guaranteed as standard.

Color surfaces of the connectors – The new color indicators
elneos connect also sets new standards in terms of color too. The color indication is taken over by the connectors. The innovative connectors are coated in a fresh and modern shade of green according to the RAL-DESIGN system (No. 1107070).

Holistic color indication: green – white – black – chromed
Not only the furniture system elneos connect receives a fresh and modern look through the new green connectors. The new device system elneos five also impresses with its consistent and user-friendly look, which in many areas is kept in the fresh and modern green. The colors of the RAL DESIGN system meet the highest demands of elneos connect and elneos five.

Continuous media guidance on the inside of the table
The connector is the heart of the furniture system elneos connect and allows an uninterrupted media routing between the table leg and the table frame from the floor to all system components. Media of all kinds can be guided through various additional profiles on the inside. The clip profiles (expandable profiles) with a turn-open function are also run without interruption by the connector, thus ensuring an innovative media guide.

Stepless depth adjustment of the table legs
In conjunction with the aluminum base, the connector ensures that all table legs can be moved continuously and variable to any desired depth position. This allows more people to work comfortably in one workplace.

Convertible table leg combinations
Due to the stepless adjustment, the table legs can be adjusted to the exact desired position. It becomes possible to make 4-foot, C-foot and T-foot tables convertible. A C-foot table can be turned into a T-foot or a 4-foot table with ease and vice versa.

Floating table top
Due to the upwards curved shape of the connector, the tabletop seems to float with the frame over the legs of the table. A significant advantage results from the freed edge of the table, which offers space for tool-collecting boxes and as well as the media guide space. Due to the shape of the connector, the sub-structured aluminum frame is set back and installed components do not interfere with the rest.


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