The profile system

The workplace series elneos connect offers completely new combination possibilities with its sophisticated aluminum profile system. The basis of the profile system is the L-profile. This base profile is complemented with other profile shapes, the expand profiles and the telescope profile gives elneos connect absolute flexibility and freedom.

The L-profile is the basis of the system
Device cockpits and storage boards are mounted on rear profiles in one piece. Alternatively, the rear foot profiles can also be extended. The one-piece profiles offer the ultimate in stability through their shape and uninterrupted structure.

Meaningful addition to the L-profile
The L-profile offers the possibility to lengthen the rear profile feet with an extension profile. The increase is done by internal thorns, which entangle in corresponding cylinder of the lower L-profile and at the same time form a torsion protection. A highly solid connection that is invisible from the outside when mounted.

The expand profile 1
This profile can be clipped on the inside of the L-profile and turned up, allowing excellent access to all media. It has two cable chambers and a front brush strip, through which the cables of the front cable chamber can be led over the entire front height forward to the user. An inner partition guarantees the separation to other media in the cable chamber behind.

The expand profile 2
This profile is applied to the inside of the L-profile and is used to hold devices. The profile allows the recording of various device programs and can be installed horizontally, vertically and in combination.

The telescope profile
The telescopic profile with functional grooves ensures advantageous stability. This profile is integrated if height adjustment is a desired option. In each L-profile, hydraulic cylinders are used and a total of four hydraulic cylinders lift the entire table construction up. The telescopic profile adapts to the L-profile and forms a highly stable telescopic guide with it. When the hydraulic cylinders extend, the telescopic profiles remain on the ground and cylinders and cables are invisible.


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