Remote control software highlink Power

The highlink Power software serves as remote control software for laboratories, for measuring data acquisition and analysis. Thanks to state-of-the-art interfaces, laboratory and teaching processes can be individually prepared and distributed to individual workplaces. Thanks to the innovative highlink software package, all parameters of the remote-controllable function generators and regulation power supplies can be remotely controlled by a very modern designed surface.

The activation of individual function groups such as low voltage, AC voltage and three-phase voltage are just as natural as the individual control of modern erfi countersunk and swivel tables. The layout plans are immediately displayed to the user and the free selection of the functions are also enabled. The states (ON, OFF, EMERGENCY STOP, and much more) of the individual laboratory workstations are recognizable at a glance thanks to ergonomic room design and spatial visualization. Controlling individual devices, the limitation of sensible parameters (voltage current limitation for power supply units) and the integration of the erfi teaching equipment world (erfi-Didactic) are equally granted.

The range of services of the remote control software highlink Power
- Control of all measuring devices in a room
- Plug and Play feature
- Professional replica of the controls
- Setpoint specification by means of virtual rotary knobs
- Integrated measured value acquisition for current and voltage
- Any programmable ramp functions
- Graphical visualization of all voltage and current characteristics
- Repeat function for long-term tests
- Measurement data preparation for further processing in Excel
- Simultaneous control of several devices
- Ideal integration of all devices in test systems and more
- Context-sensitive help

The software package also enables complete remote control of the new family of function generators, providing unprecedented productivity and effectiveness at your measurement workstation. Additionally available LabVIEW device drivers allow you to integrate the devices into your own development environment.

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