July 2016: Training laboratories for Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth

Airbus Helicopters as part of the international Airbus Group is the world's leading manufacturer of helicopters for the industry and the military. In addition to the development and research, manufacture and assembly of the helicopters in the German main agency, Airbus maintains a training center in Donauwörth. For this center erfi equipped two training laboratories, each with 10 workstations. The two laboratories located in the training center are centrally controlled by the Instructor Office. Control takes place either via the hardware of the room sub-distribution or via the WLAN and a corresponding software. All laboratory tables can be controlled either individually or in groups via these options. It is possible to select and control individual appliance groups from the built-in appliances.

The jobs equipment and technical details

The basic structure of the tables is realized with the system elneos connect and above it the device structure carries an experimental frame for holding DIN A4 Didactic plates or perforated metal panels in the system elneos five. In the device structure itself, a continuous indication light is integrated, which indicates the operating conditions of the laboratory table and individual devices.

The features of the devices

In addition to the fixed and variable AC voltage supply, the laboratory bench has a permanently integrated soldering station. The centerpiece of the equipment is the innovative elneos five device system. Each unit is equipped with a 2-fold precision regulated power supply universal multimeter and a dual-function generator including a modulation function. The device system is integrated into the network and completely remote controllable. This gives the instructor much more opportunities to design and convey the training content. Only thanks to the compact design of the device system was it possible to fully integrate the equipment in the device structure and thus to realize a tidy and ergonomic workplace design.