Organizational systems from erfi

The various organization systems from erfi also offer numerous components for office and communication.

In addition to our laboratory and assembly systems, the administrative areas of your company can also be realized with a single system for all office furniture. This system is the solution for a state-of-the-art office in all areas: for management, for department heads, for clerks, in the secretariat, for conferences, meetings or in the home office.

Organization with varantec and elneos connect

- as an elegant office version
- for the design of cabinet systems
- as a mobile system
- for the office organization or as techtower
- with accessories and as a seating program

The height adjustment technology

We have a manual and an electrical height adjustment between which you can decide. The "clamp connection technology" can be attached to the desks of your workplace system for your office. This technique can also be used on linking tables and attached to all free-form forms. The current working height can be read and changed quickly and safely using a well-readable scale.

Despite the fact that several worktables are connected to one system profile, each table can be individually adjusted in height. Thus, for each employee, the desired working height can also be set for chained table constellations.

The "Electromotive height adjustment" is used in the office area at seating and standing workstations. The drive used here comes from the table models of the laboratory and assembly systems. A spontaneous change of the working position can thus be realized quickly.

Conference and meeting tables

For both large conferences and smaller meetings we have numerous table variants. The boat-shaped conference table offers enough space for up to 6 people. For short meetings in small groups, the solitaire tables and bistro tables are ideal for 1-on-1 patrons or in the bistro and can be adjusted thanks to the height adjustment technology depending on the height of the customer / employee.

Multi-function profiles

The multifunctional profiles of varantec and elneos connect can be flexibly used on the table units at any height. Storage elements for papers DIN A3 and DIN A4 as well as a variety of office utensils such as pen holders, note boxes and much more can be simply and quickly placed or hanged on them without needing extra tools. Monitor swivel arms and modern workplace lights can be adapted to the aluminum profile base with the well-known universal adapter.

Lighting systems - for optimal light in the office

The unique lighting concept "highlight" in combination with the "erfi-sensolight technology" ensures perfect workplace lighting in the office as well. The light system is attached to the two rear feet. Thanks to the active light grid, the lighting system can be mounted without dazzling effect. This feature guarantees optimal illumination of the work surface.

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