Juni 2017 – Mobile Testingsystem for Miele

In June, erfi was able to provide four fully automatic test systems for testing ceramic hobs for Miele. The innovative testing software Candy Power 2017 and the newly developed Compact Tester of the device generation CANclass 2017 make the test systems unbeatable. In addition, Miele convinced the numerous reference projects with a similar task structure for the product environment of white goods and kitchen appliances.

The new testing software Candy Power 2017
The newly developed testing software Candy Power 2017 convinces with its clear structuring in the areas of test planning, test procedure and statistics. A completely newly developed approach in the field of test planning allows a very efficient preparation of test plans. The innovative programming technique "Structure Analysis", combined with the development tools under LabView and the new CANclass device models 2017 result in a unique performance package.

Inspection plan generation and inspection plan management
- Generation of test steps for different test plans.
- Mass test plan modification through adaptation of individual test steps.
- Central inspection plan administration through networking of the plants.
- Resilience through local backups of the individual test systems.

Performance measurement
- two programmable resistance boxes
- toggle simulation
- Configuration of the hob via programming procedures

The following tests are carried out fully automatically:
- Various visual tests
- Protective conductor test at different points
- Insulation resistance measurement
- High voltage test under rated voltage
- Function tests and sensor queries
- Electrical 3- and 1-phase power tests
- Communication through IR interface
- Generation of an electronic nameplate
- and many more

DUT port
- intelligent connection panel allows efficient contacting,
- country-specific sockets and snap-in connectors,
- USB interface for communication inside of the connection panel,
- Plastic conduit allows tape mounting.

Keyboard drawer for 19" keyboards
- Comfortable safety technology with FI and EMERGENCY STOP
- 2-channel circuit monitoring and motor protection switch
- separate PC power supply
- 24 V system supply

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