elneos® orgatower

The new series elneos orgatower enables flexible working and absolutely safe storage of work materials at every workstation. The series offers numerous features such as acoustic or magnetic fronts, a free organization of the division, electric motor-controlled closing and opening function and intelligently placed electronic connections.

The new elneos orgatower cabinets are a flexible and a modular addition to the workplace. The various models in the series are organizational talents for all technical and commercial occupational fields, and industrial and training requirements are met to the same extent.

The individual body is placed either on the left or right next to the respective workplace. They expand the workplace with additional storage space that can be divided and made accessible in different ways. The individual models offer different types of media and power supply and gain additional quality and function through exclusive surfaces and technical decors.

Special Features
- Lockable cabinet fronts and drawers
- Internal organization freely configurable
- Touch-to-open drawer opening function
- Numerous front decors to match the outer body
- Recordings for DINA4 didactic teaching aids
- Electrification through internal profile technology
- Magnetic front as pin board function
- Acoustic surfaces for sound insulation
- Indication light for status display open-closed

Models for the office

The elneos orgatower are ideal for the modern office. When retracted, the letterbox, brochure holder and lockable compartments and drawers are accessible. When extended, additional compartments, drawers, pull-out shelves and a power supply with snap function are available.

Models for training

The elneos orgatower for training mainly offer a system to accommodate various didactic teaching aids. The DINA4 didactic teaching aids can be stored upright by using grooved mats and, above all, can be stored safely after and before the lessons.

Models for measuring technology

The models for the metrology laboratory are very versatile. Electrification and various working levels with integrated brush strips and cable bushings make it easier to connect the instruments to each other. The pull-out shelf allows work to be carried out directly on the unit.

Models with two-part inner body

This model offers different possibilities of use due to its two-part body. The seat provides space for meetings and can be used when the upper part of the carcase is retracted. The indication light at the top indicates whether the carcase is open or closed.

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