electronica fair 2016 - erfi presents new product innovations

The 2nd generation of the elneos five series was presented at erfi's spacious booth at electronica in Munich. Numerous innovations, such as the new web server, a new comfort mode and an advanced interface for the simultaneous control of multiple devices were positioned. In addition, the product range elneos five has undergone extensive refinement in terms of accuracy. With new 24-bit technology, elneos five now reaches the customer area that has the highest standards in terms of accuracy.
Thanks to extensive aluminum structures and cockpits, the furniture system elneos connect is not only flexible, but also expandable. The new aluminum housing, based on multi-profile technology, enables the integration of the different device series elneos five, highlab and basic with two different overall depths and widths. Furthermore, the housing can be used directly as a device carrier for the laboratory world by the extruded profile technology. The housings are mounted over the entire bench width either directly on the table top or in the third level as a self-supporting device cockpit.