highlab® and basic

System flexibility through plug-in technology - the modular design of the device systems in 19" rack-mount technology enables compact device configurations for every application.

The device program highlab

The program highlab has four essential differences to the basic.
1. handles as a practical gripping unit, device protection and order assistance
2. flush mounting for displays and controls
3. Adjusting wheels for convenient quick and fine control
4. Power switch with optimechanical function control.

The device front of highlab is designed in a sandwich construction. An attached graphic front panel allows a flush mounting. The graphics board is produced using the seo-photo process, in which the lettering is absolutely abrasion-resistant below the anodized layer. The controls are designed in a way that no caps or other elements can be removed or damaged. The device program highlab was named for its innovative capability, form, user guidance and handling and was awarded the if-Industry Forum Design Hannover.

Special features of highlab
- High quality design and ergonomics
- Exceptionally good operating concept
- Massive sandwitch construction

The device program basic
The basic program is particularly suitable for chemical laboratories and laboratories in which the devices are exposed to high mechanical stress. The front panels are chromated and stove-enamelled, making them particularly resistant to impact, scratches and chemical attack. The controls are raised and therefore also good to use with gloves.

Special features of basic
- Well suited for chemical laboratories 
- Very resistant to any stress
- Perfect to use with gloves

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