Great success for erfi in India at the electronics fair in Bengaluru!

erfi, together with its international partner, Meß-erfi, successfully competed at the electronics fair ELECRAMA, which took place from 13.-17. February 2016 in Bengaluru, India.
The electronics fair ELECRAMA is the largest industrial fair on the Indian continent and gathers national and international manufacturers and distributors of the electronics industry, such as: Siemens, ABB and SanDisk.

With this trade show presence, Meß-erfi brought the new workstation and electronic system
elneos® connect and elneos® five for the relaunch on the Indian market. This relaunch was rewarded with a record attendance and numerous concrete inquiries.

National and international presence

erfi, market founder and technology leader in the field of modern electronic laboratory and workplace systems presents itself regularly at national and international trade fairs. erfi managed to establish a secure foothold in the international market. (