Notes for our customers and partners on the Corona virus

We take our duty of care towards employees and business partners very seriously. Preventive measures were taken at an early stage to prevent the spread of the virus. erfi implements its own protective measures. In case of questions please contact us by phone: 07441/9144-0 or mail:

The following measures were implemented at the Freudenstadt plant:

  1. 1. hygiene measures such as proper hand washing and disinfectants are distributed throughout the company by posters and stands.
    2. signs "Keep a distance of 2 m" have been posted throughout the company and employees are required to adhere to them.
    3. employees work in a home office or have been separated or distributed in separate rooms.
    4. all employees are informed quickly and comprehensively about new regulations and measures.
    5. communication with each other takes place by telephone or via digital channels.
    6. our sales representatives conduct meetings and consultations with our customers via video conferencing.
    7. we work very hard to keep the impact on day-to-day business as low as possible so that the ability to deliver is still guaranteed.