Equipment line varantec 4 link

This equipment line provides an intelligent way of professionally linking tables. Due to the unique design of the varantec foot profile, up to 4 tables can be adapted to a table foot. The front aluminum profile feet project 50 mm over the table top laterally. The rear table legs are both side and rear over and thus offer the possibility of a back and side connection of other table tops.

1. basic table with 4 table legs
2. row table with only 2 table legs
3. team table with only 2 table legs
4. Row cultivation team table with only 1 table base
5. End elements for wall-flush solutions

Elegant and simple, basic tables and modular tables can be arranged side by side. Thanks to its 45 ° groove technology, the varantec® profile has unrivaled flexibility in terms of adaptation and connection for up to 4 users.

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