Fast signal arbitrary generator incl. Function generator

Due to the additional arbitrary function, arbitrary waveforms can be generated in addition to the standard waveforms. For generating the signals, 4096 sampling points are available for every 2 curves. Two waveforms can be stored and called up. Using the remote control software highlink Power, waveforms can be generated in graphical or tabular form on the PC and transferred to the device.

Innovative connection panel
The panel is called up by a swipe motion. It informs about the connection possibilities and which devices are installed. In the setup you can choose if the panel should be displayed each time you switch it on.

Freely programmable modulation
The use of the arbitrary function as a useful signal and the freely programmable carrier signal results in additional degrees of freedom. With this solution all signal forms can be modulated and the carrier signal can e.g. be modulated with the arbitrary signal. All modulation types and properties correspond to the function generator described above.

Outstanding performance potential
Combining the Arbitrary Function Generator with the Power Arithmetic Generator, all conceivable simulations, experiments and measurements of the power electronics can be made with a single device. If, in addition, the powerful digital multimeter with power meter is selected, a complete measuring station can be replaced with a single measuring device.

Technical data and features

Frequency characteristics
Sine: 1 μHz to 40 MHz!
Trapezoid: 1 μHz to 5 MHz
Ramp: 1 μHz to 5 MHz
Triangle: 1 μHz to 5 MHz
Sawtooth: 1 μHz to 5 MHz
Rectangle: 1 μHz to 5 Mhz

Frequency counter
Measuring range: 150 MHz, optional up to 1.5 GHz
Input voltage: 100 mVeff to 5 Veff

Frequency sources
2 independently programmable function generators;
Memory depth per memory location: 4096 sample points;
Memory slots: 2 pieces for 2 curves;

Trigger pulses
Externally via BNC socket;
Internal via menu for defined signal start;

Single pulse: single and multiple pulses up to 999 s
Burst mode programmable by parameter:
Pulse and break times: up to 999 s
Number of repetitions: 1 to ∞

Resolution for all signal types: 14 bit (16.384)

Illuminated BNC laboratory sockets with disappearance effect
Output: up to 30 Vss idle
Output: 5V TTL compatible Output amplitude:
30 Vss idle, 1.8 mV resolution

Illuminated BNC laboratory sockets with disappearance effect
Input: counter input for ext. Input signals up to 1.5 GHz
Input: Trigger input for defined signal start
Input sensitivity: 100 mVeff
Duty cycle: 0.1 to 99.9%