erfi teaching systems

For more than 55 years erfi has been equipping training facilities of all electrical professions with state-of-the-art teaching aids and has continuously developed since then. Vocational schools or other institutions benefit from the new surfaces of the learning fields and the teaching system Didactic by erfi.

In electrical professions, training is very practice-oriented - and it has to be in order to optimally prepare trainees for their professional lives. Regardless of whether it is an electronics technician for industrial engineering, industrial plants, automation technology or electrical systems in buildings - practical training using a modern teaching system that covers all learning fields is indispensable and enables a steep learning curve.

The excellently prepared experiments of the Didactic program convey the teaching contents within a very short time. Thus erfi as a market leading company offers the complete keyboard of electrotechnical equipment for training facilities of all kinds. The erfi teaching systems for training facilities lay an important foundation for later success in professional life.

Coverage of all learning fields
Our teaching materials contain experiments for all 13 learning fields that have to be dealt with during training in electrical occupations. Starting with the analysis of electrotechnical systems via the programming of controls for plants up to the realization of automation systems, all learning fields are covered.

The elneos connect workstation system is ideally suited for training facilities because the design of the learning fields is based on the latest research. Colored surfaces and the targeted use of graphic means enable a unique user guidance. Furthermore, the surface is sealed as well as 100% abrasion resistant. The workstations convince by novel and robust construction as well as a high flexibility. The didactic program of erfi includes table superstructures as well as retractable and swivel tables.

From the offer to the state-of-the-art training facility.
With erfi's didactic program you do not only provide your trainees with an effective and practical training, but you also invest in the future of your training facility. We would be pleased to advise you in detail or to guide you through our 1100m² exhibition area in our new customer center, where you can get an impression yourself and test our products extensively.

If you decide to buy a teaching system from erfi, our experts will accompany you throughout the whole process. Your individual wishes will be recorded and you will receive a 3D version in advance for visual support. Of course, the assembly will be carried out by our in-house staff. Training will ensure that you quickly get used to the new teaching materials.

Our experts are available to you at any time by e-mail at and by phone at +49 7441-9144-0