May 2017 - Biggest order in erfi history!

Khalifa University's campus in Abu Dhabi has undergone two consecutive major contracts. Khalifa University chose erfi technology, with more than 300 laboratory tables, and a total contract value of around 4 million. Only the elneos program was able to meet the stringent requirements, and with elneos® five and elneos® connect in the system, the state-of-the-art laboratories once again receive the most powerful technology in the industry.

The laboratories
The total of 13 laboratories, each with up to 20 tables, were specially designed as double workstations and each equipped with a lecturer's table. The laboratories are two freshmen computing laboratories and one each for Industrial, Geo & Transport, Aircraft Design and a Mechatronics Laboratory.

The furniture
All tables are equipped with the sensor-controlled RGB LED Workplace lights developed by erfi and the RGB LED indication light. The tables are double-equipped and can be used by two students. In addition to the laboratory furniture and the test equipment, "All-In-One-PCs" were also installed. The table system as well as all the seats were ESD performed and match the electronic laboratory standards accordingly.

The equipment
Among other things, the equipment has been implemented over 500 times with the elneos® five series. Thanks to the compact and space-saving design of the modern system, the laboratories were equipped with the highest performing devices and the detailed equipment includes i.a.:
- Precision double regulating network and measuring devices 0-30V / 2A
- Fixed voltage devices 5V 3A
- Power and fast signal arbitrary generators
- Power meters and energy meters
- Digital multimeter
- Function generators
- Gas and compressed air connections
- Safety and switching units

The additionally optional web server function enables the simultaneous operation of several devices on one display (twin function). This possibility is very beneficial, especially at the double workplace tables and for teaching.

High-end for the future
Khalifa University quickly chose erfi's quality because the labs needed to be sustainable, connected, powerful and ergonomic. Fitted with elneos® five and elneos® connect, the new laboratories are equipped with the most sustainable and most powerful technology in the industry.

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