Optimization of production and safety

Keep an overview of the overall situation with process control stations from erfi.
The workstations can be arranged as single workstations in a row or in a circle. With connected workstations, a continuous work surface is created.

Requirements for a process control station:
- Operator must have an overview of everything
- Command elements and control panel must be easily accessible
- Monitors for monitoring
- Plant and process information and measured values flow together centrally


Monitors for monitoring can be individually attached both to the vertical foot profile and via horizontal mounting rails over several levels. In this way, the operator has everything in view.

Cable management

In addition to expand profiles 1 and 2, expand profile 3 from the elneos connect furniture series accommodates additional media. Particularly large quantities of cables can be stowed in the table design to save space. The profile system is accessible from the front or the back, depending on the installation, and allows wiring between the tables at any height.
Expand profile 3 can be used and combined both vertically and horizontally.

Special features:
- System height (horizontal) or system width (vertical) 90 mm, system depth 185 mm.
- Can be docked to L-profile rear and is height-variable
- Useful under storage boards and equipment cockpits
- Internal holder for cable sorting (optional)
- Kink-free media entry in all directions
- Outer side can be covered with side closure


Whether in a 19" container, a TechCube or in a base cabinet, the technology is stored neatly and space-saving. Easy access is provided for all variants.