erfi Mounting systems

Many of our system components have been specially developed for the assembly world and thus meet all the requirements for a mounting workstation that is designed to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our mounting systems not only convinces through their consistent appearance, but above all through the technology, which is perfectly matched to the field of application, the flexible modular system and the outstanding ergonomics.

Uniform look

Contrary to conventional mounting systems, we also use aluminum profiles on the front, which gives the production tables a uniform appearance. The aluminum foot profiles provide additional flexibility, they are easy to assemble and disassemble. In addition, further system components can be attached steplessly.

Ergonomic assembly tables

In order not to jeopardize the health of your employees, they should have the opportunity to constantly change their working position. Alternating standing and sitting stimulation the circulatory system and thus the well-being and productivity of your employees. For this reason, our system has a flexible height adjustment technology - by either motor drive or crank, the height of the heavy duty tables can be adjusted as desired. However, the distance between the worktop and system components does not change, since the entire workplace is raised as a whole.

Universal mounting bracket

Our system is based on numerous modular components. In order to be able to flexibly attach these to the assembly workstations, erfi developed a universal mounting arm for coupling to the varantec foot profile technology. The mounting bracket can be adjusted continuously in height and is ideally suited to expand the workplace in the 3rd Dimension. Among other things, workstation lights, rails or flexible universal compressed air supply rails can be attached to the rig.

Compressed air supply systems

Several compressed air tools can be connected to the compressed air supply rail. It is filled by a compressed air hose, which is connected to an overhead central coupling socket. Compressed air couplings are integrated at the bottom of the bar. By arranging them, the tools can be repositioned as required, depending on the work process - also ideal for left-handers, who can find the optimum position for a tool in this way

Lighting systems

Various lighting systems can be installed on the mounting bracket. Depending on the use of the assembly table, permanently mounted system lights or draw-down lights (whose height can be infinitely adjusted) ensure perfect lighting from above. Combined with our side swiveling lights, shadowing can almost be ruled out.

In addition, all luminaires can be coupled with the innovative erfi-sensolight technology. The special thing about it: through a sensor, the lights can be switched on and off simply by hand movement.

Material handling

For our mounting system, we have a wide variety of materials and shapes to significantly improve the handling of materials in the workplace.
Various gripping containers and storage bins can be easily attached to our swivel arms and support frames and, thanks to our innovative swivel technology, can be optimally adapted to your needs.

Energy supply and media management

In order to produce products professionally, modern assembly tables must be able to guarantee an individual electrical power supply. In order to be able to meet a wide variety of requirements, erfi has developed a broad standard range for the electrification of the assembly world.

The profile technology of elneos can be equipped laterally, transversely and below the table with the powerful insert plate program "acto". Soldering stations, small power supplies, socket modules and the innovative lighting technology can be easily and elegantly integrated. The assembly station can be expanded to a multifunctional workplace. The basis of the profile system is the L-profile, which is flexibly expanded with expandable profiles.

The Expand Profile 1 is clipped on the inside of the L-profile and can be turned on. It thus provides excellent access to all media. It has two cable chambers and a front brush strip, through which the cables of the front cable chamber can be led over the entire front height forward to the user. An inner partition guarantees the separation to other media in the cable chamber behind.

The Expand Profile 2 is applied to the inside of the L-profile and serves to accommodate devices. The profile allows the recording of various device programs and can be installed horizontally, vertically or a combination of both.

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