High-end high-voltage testing station for INHECO
The test system manufactured for Inheco is based on the innovative laboratory furniture system elneos connect and features an electric motor for height-adjustment. This allows the employee to work while sitting or standing. The safety testing technique is housed in a 19" cabinet. An extensive test system of the CANclass Compact Tester series performs all safety-relevant tests. The electrical safety tests are carried out fully automatically and without manual relocation. The functional tests are performed by the device series elneos five.

The electrical safety tests overview
(by CANclass Compact Tester, model TS1.300B-100 1)
1. High voltage test up to 5000 V AC and 7000 V DC
With ramp function and current monitoring functions power
HV output stage = 500 VA Apparent and active current measurement incl.
2. Insulation test up to 1000 V DC and 1 GOHM measuring range
3. Protective conductor test up to 30 A AC
4. Leakage current test 1-phase to 10 mA Leakage current measurement

The functional tests overview
1. DC power supply 2 x 0-30 V / 2 A with ramp and oscilloscope function
2. Power measurement including digital multimeter
     a. Current measurement up to 40 A
     b. Voltage measurement up to 1000 V
     c. Temperature, frequency, periodic, capacitance
     d. Continuity and resistance measurement
     e. Power consumption measurement with determination of the crest factor

The graphical visualization of the measured values is done directly on the elneos five device in the device cockpit.

Safety first!
Even large-volume test pieces can be tested fully automatically by using a large test cover. The max. Sample size is 1080 x 670 x 770 mm (W x D x H). A special hardware construction enables force-neutral and fatigue-free operation of the test cover.

The new testing software CANDY - Industry 4.0
After closing the test cover, the tests are started fully automatically and the measurement results are stored using the modern CANDY testing software. The new, dynamic inspection planning is based on an SQL database as well as the storage of the measurement results. For the first time, thanks to the innovative test planning, total test plans can be put together uniquely fast. Through an interface connection to SAP, all test plans can be fully automated (if desired), and generated in the background without any additional work. A quantum leap in the field of test systems!

The SQL guided statistics package manages all the measurement data and test plans elegantly. Even version numbers and validity ranges are stored. Modern user management is obviously a part of the new test software.

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