Test and analysis systems from erfi

Erfi was the first company on the market to present fully automated high-voltage test computers with standardized Windows testing software. Today, erfi successfully offers complex test and analysis equipment, test systems, compact testers and large test systems for the industry.

The test setup is controlled by the erfi test software CANDY Power. The ease of use is unrivaled and, in addition to the context-sensitive operating aid, offers optimum support for the use of touchscreens. The combination of test equipment and software enables integrated development and individual solutions for all tasks of test systems for electrical safety and function.

Testing equipment basic

The basic device series serves as a component basis for test devices with and without interfaces. The documentation is created by the test software CANDY. The following checks can be made:

- High voltage tests
- Insulation tests
- Protective conductor tests
- Leakage current tests

Test equipment CANclass

The device series CANclass Compact Tester serves as a device basis for the various test devices including interfaces for series testing without manual relocating. The testing software CANDY takes over the remote control. The following tests are possible with the CANclass devices:

- High voltage tests
- Insulation tests
- Protective conductor tests
- Leakage current tests
- Functional tests

Testing facilities

Testing systems for part and type tests for:
- Electrical safety tests (HV, ISO, PE, leakage current)
- Electrical function tests
- Extended functional tests (pressure, torque, speed, etc.)
- DUT adapter and fully automatic contacting
- Integration in production lines
- Integration into SAP or other EDP systems
- Remote maintenance

and many more…

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