erfi at the Hannover Fair 2014: When state-of-the-art technology meets intelligent design ...

The new elneos® assembly table - mounting and testing from a single source!

In addition to the erfi test systems, we will be presenting our new elneos assembly table, our elneos connect lab benches and the electronic device system elneos five at our unique booth in Hall 11, Booth B46. With this new product series and their renowned design awards, we are setting completely new standards in the world of work in the electronics industry.

Modern and intuitive usability through design and application of the erfi software

The proven testing software CANDY has been thoroughly revised and can now be operated with a tablet PC such as the iPad. Large test systems can be programmed with ease using the new version of the testing software CANDY. Within a very short time period, the customer creates his desired inspection plan and receives a systematic and clear documentation of his measurement results. A roller conveyor embedded in the table top combines the various work steps with each other. The erfi mounting software AWM is used as an assembly aid. This shows the user all the necessary steps and is also suitable for iPad.

All tools required during assembly, such as small parts, shells and operating elements, are ergonomically arranged around the worker and are within grasping reach. This facilitates the steps that have to be taken during assembly enormously, since there are no elements outside the field of view. The storage boards offer additional shelves, for example for the new device system elneos five. The entire assembly island is height-adjustable and therefore it can be used as a full standing workstation - an important aspect for a contemporary workplace.

The new device system elneos® five

The new brand elneos five stands for five electronic devices, but it also stands for the uniquely new experience of controlling these devices via touch with the gesture control with up to 5 fingers. The synergetic use of various innovative technologies brings with it numerous advantages that make erfi elneos the technology leader in the electrical engineering industry.

The connection panel of elneos five with its color-coded RGB ring illumination is equipped with a disappearance effect. If the rings do not shine, they disappear and are invisible.
Depending on the function, the RGB ring illumination lights up in red, blue or white.

elneos five has a modern web server for remote control of all devices via web browser. The display is done on a web browser through static websites. The device functions can all be remotely controlled via the SCPI standard.

The new workplace system elneos® connect

The new workplace and furniture system elneos connect is characterized by its structural flexibility and its extreme lightness. Elneos connect is timeless in its design and yet offers color integration into an existing training or company context.

The sophisticated profile system enables, among other things, the recording and uninterrupted guidance of cable work, the adjustment of the working height via a stable hydraulic height adjustment and the connection to a table-transferring bridge. All this is possible through the so-called connector. It connects the frame construction to the table and releases the profiles from the pure carrying function. The connector enables an absolutely homogeneous media guidance through the table construction. The workplace lighting of elneos connect, which can be adjusted in terms of brightness, light color and inclination, is a highlight thanks to RGB LED technology and sensory color coding. In addition, elneos connect can be equipped with an indication light on the front, which indicates the condition of the table.

erfi test systems for electrical safety and functional tests

erfi designs, develops and builds complete and complex large-scale test systems according to customer-specific requirements. In particular, all electrical safety and functional tests as well as adaptations are professionally designed and implemented in a test-specific manner.