Robert-Bosch-Vocational-College Dortmund equips its laboratories with erfi technology!

The new school building for the Robert Bosch vocational college, with a heavy investment of around 80 million euros, equipped its laboratories and workplaces with erfi technology.
The 24 electronic laboratories consisting of student workstations, teacher desks with complete electronic sub-distribution as well as cabinet installations for measuring instruments and teaching aids were equipped by erfi.

Out of a total of 350 tables, more than 150 were used as laboratory desks and had the workstation system elneos® connect installed with them. They feature complex superstructures with state-of-the-art and very extensive equipment in original 19" technology, including the new device system elneos® five. This first, fully capacitive device system is controlled with the 5-finger multi-touch gesture function and can handle up to 32 devices in a smallest area. The laboratory tables come prepared with an integrated experimental frame for DIN A4 teaching aids.

The devices from elneos® five cover the functions power supply, multimeter, function generators and power meters. Some of the rooms are remotely controlled because the elneos® five devices are networked together, providing intelligence performance similar to Industry 4.0 technology.

Numerous learning islands and workbenches in the workshop area are equipped with fold-down vices and beech solid wood tabletops. PC desks and theory workstations have integrated and convenient cable management that gives users maximum flexibility. The more than 250 built-in laboratory cabinets have top elements with a conductor cover and the internal modules are equipped with heavy-duty shelves and grooved mats for teaching aids.

The Robert Bosch Vocational College thus offers future-oriented technology in educational training for the occupational fields of electrical engineering, information technology and telecommunications. Electronics technicians specializing in energy and building technology, information electronics engineers and electronics technicians for automation as well as IT system electronics specialists and IT specialists will be trained here for your future.