The lighting system

We used the latest LED technology in our very own developed lighting for the elneos connect. On the lower profile (Toplight) of the cockpit, the indication light is inserted into the front of a round groove as well as an invisible and swiveling RGB LED workplace illumination.

Workplace lighting

In the lower profile, the swiveling RGB LED work light for the table is placed invisibly. This light is controlled by powerful RGB LEDs and white high power LEDs. The light can be swiveled in its holder, it is dimmable and any light colors can be applied and adjusted. The luminaire can be mounted on any shelf with the aluminum profile Toplight and retrofitted with the swivel - this ensures that the workplace is always optimally lit.

Another plus is the adaptation of the light color to the current daylight situation, as well as the avoidance of shadows. The new luminaire can also be used as a single luminaire and can alternatively come with only white LEDs if requested.

Invisible RGB LED swivel lamp

The lower aluminum profile of the device cockpit (Toplight) fully accommodates the newly developed RGB swivel lamp, which has both RGB LEDs and white LEDs. The RGB LED light can be swiveled, dimmed using modern sensors and the light color can be changed. This allows you to set the ideal working atmosphere for you.

Indication light
The indication light is a special LED light guide which can be operated either as a signal indicator or ambient light. Flowing color transitions and flashing functions are also possible. In training and in the industry, the signaling of the table state is of great importance:

green = everything OK. and the table is switched on
red = danger! e.g. Limit values exceeded
yellow = devices with low voltage are enabled
blue = devices with low voltage and low tension are enabled

Premium-quality light

• Luminaire with high-performance RGB LEDs and white premium LEDs
• Comes with non-contact sensors for dimming and light color adjustment
• Regulation of the desired light climate in the shortest possible time by a memory function
• RGB LEDs and white LEDs can be controlled independently via the I2C bus interface
• Invisibly integrated in the Toplight profile and therefore no additional installation height
• Swiveling for optimal light control as well as glare-, reflection- and shadow-free work
• Best surface light with a lifetime of up to 50,000 h at 30% savings

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