5¾-digit precision digital multimeter

The digital multimeter allows the detection of currents up to 40 A and voltages up to 1000 V. An integrated diode test as well as temperature and frequency measurements and the graphical representation of the current and stored measured values make the multimeter an all-rounder. By using TRMS converter modules with excellent linearity and bandwidth, a measurement accuracy can be achieved with a crest factor of 5.

The new 5 ¾-digit digital multimeter enables the acquisition of non-sinusoidal signals. Voltage measurements with an accuracy of ± 0.08% and a resolution of 1 μV stand for the highest accuracy of the elneos five. A fast 24-bit converter guarantees the outstanding resolution.

Technical data and features

5¾-digit, display size 40,000 points

Voltage measurement
DC: up to 1000 V; 1 uV; ± 0.08% + 5 dgt.
AC: up to 750 V (peak 1060 V); 1 uV; ± 0.5% +10 dgt.
Bandwidth 20 Hz to 2 kHz

Current measurement
DC: up to 32 A continuous current (short-circuit up to 40 A), 100 nA; ± 0.15% + 5 dgt.
AC: up to 32 A continuous current (short-circuit up to 40 A), 100 nA; ± 0.8% +10 dgt.
Bandwidth 20 Hz to 2 kHz

up to 40 MΩ, 1 mΩ; ± 0.5% +10 dgt.

Capacitance measurement
up to 400 nF / 4/40/400/4000 μF; 1 pF; ± 1.0% + dgt 10th

Frequency measurement
up to 100 kHz, 1 Hz; ± 0.1% +10 dgt.
high resolution: lower measuring speed

Temperature measurement
-200 to + 600 ° C, depending on the sensor, resolution 0.1 ° C

Accuracy and responsiveness
Class B according to EN 60751;
Pt 100 sensor or Pt 1000 sensor can be connected (automatic detection)
Measuring Speed DC: Fast (10 Hz), Middle (5 Hz), Slow (1 Hz)
Measurement Speed AC: Slow (1 Hz)
True RMS function: True RMS measurement

Crest factor
5 for non-sinusoidal signals.
TRMS converter with optimized linearity and bandwidth.

Digital output and input
Output: on exceeding / falling below the value, a digital output is triggered
Input: Start of the measurement by trigger pulse of the input

Data logger
4-channel operation allows you to store 2000 readings per channel. The values can be called up graphically and read out via the interface.

Measurement display
X-Y-graph retrievable and scalable by 2 finger gesture; Ideal for rapid detection of changes (long-term measurements); Simultaneous detection of current and voltage (AC / DC).