Experimental furniture for specialist rooms at the Heinrich Hertz Vocational College in Düsseldorf

erfi delivered 75 laboratory tables from the elneos connect furniture system to the Heinrich-Hertz-Berufskolleg in Düsseldorf. The tables have complex superstructures with the most modern and very extensive equipment in original 19" technology, including the elneos five equipment system.

This first, fully capacitive device system is controlled with the 5-finger multi-touch gesture function and can accommodate up to 32 devices in a very small space. The devices used from elneos five cover the functions of power supply, multimeter and function generators.

Each table has two indication lights in the cockpit at the top and at the front, as well as an LED work light. The indication colours show the respective status of the laboratory table and are a decisive contribution to increasing safety at the training site.

All tables are equipped with a direct point extraction system, so that the extraction is directly at the soldering iron. 

19" cabinet including complete software control.

All modules are interconnected and remotely controllable through the highlink Power software package. The trainer has permanent control over the tables and their equipment.