Mid-June 2016: Equipment of the vocational school in Elmshorn

The vocational school in Elmshorn was equipped with a total of 12 student lab workstations. The workplaces are equipped with numerous functions and high flexibility for everyday school life with didactic tasks.

The basic structure of the tables is created with the system elneos connect and carries a stable 3U table top made of coated wood. In addition to the table structure, a grooved mat cabinet was installed, in which various inserts can be inserted. Laboratory cord holders were mounted on the left and right of the cupboards on the tables. The stand container placed under each table is used for individual storage and has space for a PC. Each student workplace also has a small mobile table with rolls.

The double-row DIN A4 experiment frames are equipped with a signal light at the top, which shows all table conditions. Thanks to a special coupling, the teacher can also identify where the emergency stop button was activated because the signal light lights up red. In addition, he has a special module under his desk to individually switch the mains voltage, low voltage and PC sockets.

The additional room-high wall unit is equipped with top cabinets and ladder holders. The interior fittings offers space for mat insertions and other devices.