Mounting support AWM

With the assembly software Assembly Workflow Management (AWM), erfi assembly workstations and the associated assembly processes can be integrated into erfi's test environment. Due to the holistic concept, the production and process data such as construction times, quality assurance questions and more can be linked to the test data of the electrical safety and functional test. Manufacturing processes are documented in accordance with ISO 9001 from start to finish. Connections to ERP systems as well as the storage of production data in SQL, XML or other data formats are easily possible with the latest software packages from erfi.

Advantages of an assembly workstation with AWM software
1. Fast training time and paperless manufacturing
2. Increase of quality through integrable control questions
3. Optimal visualization of work processes
4. Absolute traceability by logging in with time log
5. Increased productivity through visual litigation
6. Easy connection to barcode readers, PDC or PPS systems
7. Duplicate parts list entry is eliminated by filter functions
8. Integration of CAD drawings as visualization aid
9. Integration of digital photos through jpg import function
10. Perfect interface to CANDY Power

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