At the productronica 2015 trade fair in Munich, we will be presenting the new standalone housing range, the new 19" table and cockpit superstructures, integrated web servers and Industry 4.0.

The new standalone housing program made of aluminum was developed for the device series elneos five, basic and highlab and meets the high demands of the device series. With the professional 19" recording technology, 19" / 3 U partial bays can be optimally integrated.
Lateral functional handles made of plastic injection-molded parts with an incorporated recess ensure good handling. A generous ventilation system in the side panels guarantees the supply of fresh air.
The new housing concept enables the integration of different device models with two different depths and widths.

The new housings are ideal as table superstructures and cockpits and are used to hold all 3 HE devices of the device series elneos five, highlab and basic. They are a sensible alternative to the previous structures and cockpits made of laminate material. The new functional elements include a ventilation system, which ensures sufficient air flow even when placed adjacent to one another!

Another new development is the integrated web server. The web server allows direct access to the device groups without additional software: regulation power supplies, digital multimeters, function generators, fast signal arbitrary generators. A very powerful interface module inside elneos five offers the possibility to transfer this graphical user interface to the PC. This gives elneos five a top position in the ranking of remotely controllable devices.

Industrie 4.0 - mounting and testing from one source!
The networking of laboratory and assembly workstations, test systems, service areas and development departments.
The software packages "CANDY" (software for test systems), "AWM" Assembly Workflow Management (software for assembly processes) and the room control software "highlink Power" combine the required data in an SQL database. High security is guaranteed due to the modern programming technology and the associated SQL database.