Experiment for learning fields 1, 7 and 9

Repair electrical machines and three-phase asynchronous fault simulator:
- Learn how to design and how motors work
- select suitable measuring devices
- Detect engine error
- be able to estimate repair possibilities

This will show the following error types of the three-phase asynchronous fault simulator:
1. winding closure
2. turn conclusion
3. Insulation error
4. Body closure

The different types of errors can be set via the switches A and B. In both cases, measurements have to be carried out by using digital multimeter and insulation measuring devices.

Experiment for learning field 2, 3, and 6 to 13
Building services systems and building system technology with LCN:
The erfi training center electrical installation contains all important installation circuits. There are dry, damp and fire-prone areas. In addition, the following topics are treated in detail and completely covered:
- Protection types
- Types of installation
- Cables
- Distributor
- Counter
- Ringer and intercom
- Antenna system
- Planning of plants
- Commissioning and test report
- Equipotential bonding

Overall experiment building system technology with LCN
The conventional installation devices such as switches, buttons, sensors, etc. are replaced by small computer modules. These modules scan buttons, switch and dim lights, control blinds, control the heating, monitor the building, and so on. All computer modules in the building are interconnected. So each module can communicate information and commands to each other. A network of modules such as this, is call an installation bus.

LCN (Local Control Network) is a modern installation bus system for residential and commercial buildings. It takes over the functions of conventional electrical installation and perfects it:
- The buildings are better and more comfortable controllable
- Thanks to its own intelligence, LCN saves energy in lighting and heating
- The buildings are easier to monitor via panels and visualization

Experiment for learning field 5
Device test fault simulators for device testing according to VDE 0701/0702:
In addition to the fields of application, the experiment will include and explain technical terms such as protection classes, actual and target states, testing, etc. Likewise, the most important test criteria such as protective conductor tests, insulation resistance measurements, equivalent leakage current measurements will be taught practically. The handling of appropriate measuring equipment is taught as well as a functional test and the labeling.

Learning goals:
- Repair of electrical equipment
- Change of electrical appliances
- Testing electrical equipment

Test types:
- Protective conductor resistance
- Insulation resistance
- Substitute leakage current
- differential current
- mains voltage
- Consumer electricity

Experiment for learning field 7 to 13
Automation technic:
The board contains programmable logic controllers which include fail-safe CPU, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, WEB services and much more. (Model Simatic S7-300 CPU315F-2 PN / DP).

- Basics of a programmable logic controller PLC S7 300
- Programming according to international standard IEC 1131-1 with STEP 7 Professional
- Hardware configuration, parameterization, programming and commissioning
- Projecting a modular model experiment
- Central operating and monitoring
- Configuration of automation systems by bus systems (PROFIBUS, PROFINET)
- Fail-safe CPU (Safety Integrated)
- Programming of safety-related programs by S7 Distributed Safety
- Integrated web services for diagnostics from any location

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