Medical technology laboratories by erfi – erfi hybrid

Decades of experience in planning and execution of working place systems, taking into account of all technical and ergonomic requirements, distinguishes us as a system supplier. Considering the increased demand for wet laboratories, we expand our portfolio with chemical and physical laboratory equipment, as well as fume cupboards with the furniture series erfi hybrid.


Consisting of a solid steel substructure and modern, contemporary aluminium structures in L- and triangular shapes. The laboratory program is supplemented by erfi mobile for a flexible positioning of medical devices and components.


Working surfaces, connectors and supply

Depending on the requirements of the wet laboratory, material of the work surfaces are for example made of solid core, solid core Trespa Toplab+, polypropylene or stoneware and is therefore very resistant to chemicals, even with a longer exposure time. The connections for water or components such as eye showers, sinks, drainage surfaces and dishwashers are integrated into the laboratory tables.

The horizontal energy supply (usually as a wall channel) and the vertical energy supply serve for the absorption of media of all kinds. All horizontal and vertical supply channels for water, different gases, compressed air or electricity are possible via profiles of the modular workstation system elneos hybrid. The advantage of the profiles is the easier access through the ergonomically angled placement of all connections.

Lighting and storage

An invisible integration of the HCL workplace lighting through the special toplight profile by erfi hybrid workplace series below the filing board. Underneath the work surface, extensive drawer systems (wide-wall and narrow-wall facades) as well as small cabinets allow the storage of equipment and utensils. Large storage cabinets in various designs and interiors as well as acid and alkaline cabinets are also available. The storage systems are usually made of laminate shelves and glass.

Safety and standards

In order to guarantee safety for working in our laboratories, we supply laboratory fume hoods exclusively in accordance with DIN EN 14175 standard. Using our modern high-link power software, various voltage levels and media of all kinds can be activated securely and easily via remote control.

Room layout and planning

Our expertise in the planning of workstations and laboratories is incorporated into the 3-dimensional representation. The development via a visualisation software makes it possible to create variants of room layouts in order to get particularly close to the final realization.

erfi mobile for medical laboratories

erfi mobiles as laboratory carriages are a advantageous addition in laboratories and also in the clinic area. They offer additional storage space, facilitate working and handling with various devices and components. They are versatile, easy to clean and ergonomic to use.

Extract of references of wet laboratories

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG, Alpirsbach:
Sampling laboratory comprised of aluminium furniture system elneos connect with stable triangular columns for conducting media such as water and gas / surface made of high-quality polypropylene laboratory worktop / embedded washbasins with laboratory fittings;

ARBURG GmbH + Co KG, Lossburg:
Laboratory for new customer centre of the Arburg company with laboratory furniture system varantec 4 / laboratory table tops, suspended base cabinets and mobile containers made of full-core material / linkable multifunctional profile for connecting up to 4 tables / 4 media chambers inside the table leg;

B. Braun Melsungen AG, Melsungen (Hesse):
High-grade laboratory equipment with combination fittings for electrical and wet laboratories / furniture system elneos connect / laboratory worktops with laser edge to prevent moisture penetration;

Falkenrealschule, Freudenstadt:
Laboratory fume cupboards and steel furniture table system ABZ with tiled tops and washbasin;

Fraunhofer Institut, Itzehohe:
Research laboratory equipment as wet laboratory / steel furniture system ABZ with stoneware tiles and integrated stoneware wash basins including laboratory fittings;

Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH, Hechingen:
Blood analysis laboratory for research with ABZ steel furniture system / 26 mm thick ceramic laboratory worktops and edge bead / embedded washbasins and laboratory fittings / base cabinet system / complete media connection system;

Gira – Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG, Radevormwald:
Laboratory for research and development with wet area / Mobile furniture system varanetec 4 with tile panels;

Hochschule Aalen, Bereich Technik und Wirtschaft, Aalen:
Laboratory for research and education with ceramic laboratory benchtops and ABS safety edge; 

HTL (Polytechnic Institute) Wels, Wels (Austria):
Comprehensive laboratory equipment consisting of elneos hybrid / Shelves and media guide system for electrical, pneumatic, gas and water connections / Fitted base cabinets with silicone joints / Laboratory fittings and laboratory basins / Ceramic laboratory worktops for exposure to acids, alkalis and temperature;

Realschule Balingen Schulzentrum Längenfeld, Balingen:
Physics and chemistry classroom with steel furniture system ABZ / integrated washbasins and media columns;

Siemens AG, Rastatt:
Laboratory equipment consisting of furniture system varantec 4 / Vertically lockable fronts with counterweights and safety switches / Ceramic laboratory worktops for exposure to acids, alkalis and temperature / Horizontal media channel to accommodate all media such as compressed air, electricity, gas and water;

Staples Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart

TGBBZ (Technical-industrial vocational training centre) Saarbrücken, Saarbrücken:
Classroom for physics and chemistry with steel furniture system ABZ / integrated washbasins and media columns / acid and lye cabinets; 


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