End of April 2016: Workplaces for controlling heating controls in chemical plant!

erfi supplies complex workplaces for the commissioning and control of the function of heating controls for process facilities in a chemical plant of BASF. The workstations are characterized by functions that are specifically geared towards commissioning and control tasks.

Equipment of the devices

The workplace equipment includes a 0-30V / 0-2A regulating power supply as well as five networked power and energy measuring devices, including the elneos five series of digital multimeters for the simultaneous acquisition of current, voltage, power, resistance and temperature. The measured values are recorded cyclically and stored on a computer in CSV files.

Furthermore, the workstations contain:
- Variable transformers with 0-520V / 0-25A and 0-400V / 0-16A
- I / O modules with 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs
  as well as 2 analog inputs (0 - 10 V and 0 - 20 mA)
  and 2 analogue outputs (0 - 10 V and 0 - 20 mA)
- 2 Pt100 simulators
- remotely switchable socket pairs
- Indication light for indication of limit value overruns

All devices are either manually controllable or remotely controllable over Remote Control via the built-in LAN interface. Characteristic curves are possible in long-term tests, thanks to the use of the elneos five system. Each workstation is additionally equipped with its own radio network, which makes remote control and observation of the experiments much easier.

Table functions

The tables are extremely resilient thanks to the flexible and adaptable laboratory furniture system elneos connect. The special table width of 2.5 meters proves the extreme stability of this lightweight furniture system. An electromotive height adjustment allows stepless and ergonomically sensible adjustment of the working height. In addition, the load capacity of the height adjustment is very high, the load capacity can hold up to 600kg.


The I / O module is used to control external sensors and actuators. The I / O module and the elneos five device can be controlled with the highlink Power software.

The following bus terminals are available:
- 8 digital inputs 24V
- 1 analog input 0-10V
- 1 analog input 0-20mA
- 8 relay outputs
- 1 analog output 0-10V
- 1 analog output 0-20mA


elneos five equipment:

- 1 double regulated power supply
- 5 power and energy measuring devices including digital multimeters