erfi was awarded the contract for 5 fully automatic test systems for testing steamers.

Erfi was able to assert itself convincingly in the test systems advertised in the competition.

Decisive reasons for the award of the contract were the innovative strength of erfi, the new device technologies and the clearly structured and innovative software Candy Power 2015.

The modern and newly developed Compact Tester of the device generation CANclass in the model version 2015 and the 60 years of experience in the field of electronics and test engineering are unique.

The numerous similar projects that were realized with erfi convinced the end customer of the efficiency of erfi.

After the installations were completed, the customer was impressed by the extraordinary efficiency of the systems.

The improved test times are highly valued by the end customer. The new systems can save a considerable amount of time compared to the previous test technology.

The new testing software CANDY POWER 2015:

The newly developed CANDY POWER 2015 test software impresses with its clear structuring in the areas of test planning, test procedure and statistics. A completely new approach to test planning allows a very efficient creation of test plans.

The innovative programming technique of "Structure Analysis", combined with the most modern software development tools under National Instruments' LabVIEW and the new CANclass device models 2015, result in a uniquely powerful package.

With the new product features, erfi once again sets the benchmark on the market for test systems.

The test systems are 4 stationary test systems and 1 mobile test system, each constructed in a large 19" cabinet.

The following tests are carried out fully automatically with each system:

1. Various visual tests
2. Air flow measurements (tightness, connection of all hoses)
3. Protective conductor test in different places
4. Isolation resistance measurement
5. High voltage test under nominal voltage (HV-warm)
6. Water flow measurements (fresh water)
7. Water quantity determination in the residual water tank by electronic balance
8. Water quantity determination for devices without fixed water connection
9. Tightness tests of the internal tubing
10. Functional test
11. Temperature measurement in different places with highest accuracy
12.Temperature simulations
13. Microwave leak measurement
14. Various electrical 3- and 1-phase power tests
for different steam generators, radiators, blowers and fans
15. Various sensor queries
16. Radio spit check
17. Component barcode detection
18. Most extensive communication through IR interface
Various device functions are remotely controlled with this interface.
19. Generation of an electronic nameplate and more

In stationary systems, a stable monitor swivel arm ensures the desired ergonomics. For the mobile systems, the monitor was elegantly integrated into the cabinet.

An intelligent connection panel with pneumatically actuated clamps allows a very efficient contacting of 1.0 to 6.0 mm2.
Furthermore, many country-specific sockets were taken into account.