August 2016 - State vocational school I and vocational high school in Landshut

For the new construction of the vocational school I and vocational school for information technology as well as the vocational high school in Landshut, erfi supplies the equipment for the different laboratories with an order volume of approximately 400,000 euro. The new building is part of the renovation, restruction and expansion of the campus and a milestone for the state vocational schools in Landshut.

The scope of supply, including commissioning, includes the equipment for 17 specialist and functional laboratories as well as rooms for the collection of teaching materials in which, among other things, contains storage shelves for custom-made perforated metal panels. In addition to the laboratory benches, numerous theoretical and practical items were placed in the middle of the lab, equipped with switches and socket strips for connecting laptops.

The laboratories serve the groups:
- Installation and energy technology
- Control, automation and communication technology
- Mechatronics
- IT systems / programming
- IT system electronics and IT

Construction of the laboratory tables

The basic structure of the tables is implemented in the laboratory furniture system elneos connect and has an experimental frame above the unit structure to accommodate the perforated metal panels. The device design itself is implemented in the device systems elneos five and highlab.

Equipment of the devices

The device system elneos five offers a high degree of flexibility and is extremely powerful, among other things because it can accommodate several devices in one with its innovative design. In Landshut the device system elneos five was equipped with the following functions:

- precision control network and measuring device 2-fold
- Precision digital universal multimeter
- Double function generator including modulation

The other equipment of the table structures, include a universal tester, a fixed 1- and 3-phase as well as a floating AC power supply, a controllable AC and fixed DC power supply as well as a compressed air supply and various interfaces.