Testing software CANDY Power

The CANDY Power software enables extremely efficient management of all test plans and test data. The user interface guarantees an optimal overview of the current state of the respective test. All relevant states of the plant and the test results can be recorded at a glance. The testing software can be used and operated with a tablet PC such as an iPad.

The software package is divided into 4 main areas:
Area 1: Test planning
Area 2: Test procedure
Area 3: Statistics
Area 4: Password control

A meaningful, context-sensitive help function is integrated and an optional multi-language version is also available. The standard statistics function gives you a perfect overview of your measurement data. The result is a complete documentation of all work steps. The required traceability according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 is thus guaranteed. CANDY guarantees you the security you need for the product liability law at all times.

The order of all individual partial tests such as high voltage, insulation, protective conductor and leakage current tests as well as all types of functional tests can be changed during the test planning. In addition, CANDY enables the inclusion of user-definable user questions and user instructions.

On request, CANDY can be expanded with all conceivable functional tests, which are also included in the test planning as a partial test plan. The parameters of the individual safety and functional tests are defined in the partial test plans. CANDY fully automatically configures an overall test plan from the defined partial test plans. The sequence of tests can be freely selected and subsequently changed. After the initial test, the test plan is locked and the measurement data is assigned according to the test plan. Even complex processes such as the control of a HV matrix can be controlled with CANDY. The shortening of the test time is thus ensured and the reduction of errors during the test as well.

Test procedure
CANDY informs the user about the current status of the test and about the measurement results. On request, all measured values can be graphically displayed in real time using CANDY. This can be displayed graphically and numerically. The actual measured values can be displayed either graphically or in numerical form in the XY coordinate field. The good or error result is additionally presented graphically in color clearly to the user. Through an optional visualization package, photos can be integrated into the test procedure for clarification. The measurement datas are stored in the basic package in ASCII format and can be seamlessly processed with any other program. The data formats SQL, dBASE, Excel and others are available for all areas.

At the push of a button, the good-error analysis provides a quick overview of the quality and type of error. CANDY Power's implemented search criteria feature allows immediate localization of any result from any candidate, order or series and item. Your measurement results can be sent directly via an e-mail form and require no rework. The statistics package also allows detailed analysis. As a result, all faulty test items are immediately recognizable and can then be thoroughly examined. On call, all faults and weak points of the product in terms of electrical safety and functional tests become clear. The intelligent data management of CANDY Power allows the fastest processing and visualization of the measurement results.

CANDY controls the access authorization reliably and securely at all levels. The responsible employee can create additional test personnel indefinitely and control the rights conveniently and safely. Thus, the individual packages can be released or locked separately. The test planning, the test procedure with the modules initial test, special test, cold start, calibration test and options are as selectable as the test statistics. The entire program module is protected by a general password.

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