Precision regulation power supply with rectangular generator

The regulation power supplies are a family of devices with different voltages and currents. elneos® five offers variable DC power supplies including a universal measuring device with the highest accuracy. The essential feature is the control chart, with outstanding dynamics and powerful arbitrary signals down to the kHz range. Likewise, each device receives a different strength transformer.

In addition, a significant miniaturization is accompanied by the SMD technology. This technology with multi-level electronic pre-regulation allows the installation of power supplies with sizes up to about 600 W and the integration in a compact housing. Also new are the technical control data: measurement accuracy of 16-bit resolution, settling times of a few microseconds and control deviations in the microamper range. Another highlight is the rectangular generator which goes up to 250 Hz under load.

Technical data and features of the standard equipment

Visualization of the ramp functions
Freely programmable ramps in tabular form. After starting the ramp, the voltage and current profile is visualized in an X-Y graph.

Ramp input voltage and current
1) Voltage ramps with current limitation
2) Current ramps with voltage limitation

Preset function (Output-OFF / ON)
Function for switching the output off or on. If the output is deactivated, the maximum current can be changed. Only after the connection of the output will the new maximum current value become active. The circuit no longer needs to be disconnected manually from the power supply.

Readout of all device states
All device states can be read out via the interfaces. The states are displayed directly in the control software highlink Power. This query option can also be used very meaningfully in the field of test systems.

Constant voltage and constant current source
Automatic change of operating modes CV and CC - elneos five serves as a voltage source and as a power source. These properties allow the generation of voltage and current ramps.