didacta 2018 Hanover
Erfi is the first manufacturer on the market to present the new furniture series, the elneos® techtower family in Hanover - erfi's new concept for training and laboratory workplaces. The new elneos techtower cabinets are a flexible and modular addition to the workplace. The various models in the range are organizational talents for all technical and commercial occupational fields, and industrial and training requirements are met to the same extent.

The single body can be placed to the left or right of the workplace. The models offer different types of media and power supply and gain additional quality and function through exclusive surfaces and technical decors.

Further developments in the elneos® connect program
erfi expands the furniture range elneos® connect with a new 6 U drop-table construction with experimental frame and new countersink technology. In addition, we are presenting a new table for the electrical engineering and electronics education sector.